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Residence of the Deities

Residence of the Deities


Artist: Allen Tang

Title: Residence of the Deities

Size: 122 x 122 cm

Medium: Oil On Acrylic Perspex

Year Of Work: 2018

Price: Ξ2.2


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The residence of the deities, with the summits, the lake, the streams, all presented here, attracting visitors of different

kinds. If you would like to escape from the bustling noise of the city, why not walk into this peaceful and serene residence of the deities? Enjoy the scenery of the mountains and the waters, the summits and the forests, enjoy the wild and the nature! You may have climbed the Celestial Peak of Huangshan, you may have seen the Five-Colour Pond of Jizhai Valley,

but you will definitely still be attracted by the residence of the deities. Every summit has its own characteristics, every drop of water has its meaning in the scrolls of paintings.


This NFT grants you access to holders-only benefits and privileges in the future, such as Exclusive Membership to Allen’s Fan Club, Priority access to Metaverse or Virtual Exhibitions, and a special discount on acquiring his physical artwork, etc. (Subject to further confirmation)

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