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Buy & Flex. Bring Fine Arts Into Your Metaverse.

about us

We are an experienced art specialist in Singapore dealing with Fine Arts collectibles created by prominent artists across Singapore, South East Asia and China. Recently, we have added Digital Fine Art into our portfolio too. Despite the popularity and demand for NFTs or NFT art, we are probably the first of its kind in establishing “” as a portal specialising in NFTs for Fine Arts,  be it physical or digital artwork.  

“” is an online Fine Art NFT gallery which aims to advocate and facilitate the introduction of professional fine art artists to the blockchain space and connect them with the potential NFT art collectors through the implementation of NFTs and vice versa.


​Besides, we are able provide professional services for NFT minting, listing, sales and marketing , art consultancy, curation and investment .

For your information, we are also the authorized mandate or agent of our artists on this portal . Therefore, we are able to secure the physical artworks should collectors wish to acquire them.

The last but not least, “Le Ciel” is French phrase which means “ The Sky ” in English. It symbolises that NFTs are likely to revolutionise the art arena and enjoy a promising future as big and as bright as the sky !

Above the Clouds


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